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Blair School of Music: Living Sounds

February 2017 Through film and imagination, we envision the life and creative process of a composer as alternately joyful and excruciatingly painful. We imagine the composer writing, ripping, and tossi...

Cups of Co-Opportunity

February 2017 Among the oldest of world traditions is the making of pottery. Born of necessity and infused with creativity and beauty as well as functionality, it is imbued with the power to serve as a...

Danza Azteca Coatlicue: Cultural Touchstone

February 2017 Cultural touchstones have been defined by Samuel Whitesell as phenomena—whether objects, stories, music, or dance—linking generations within a society. The constant movement of people in ...

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February 2017 PHOTOGRAPHY: MOMENTS BY MOSER PHOTOGRAPHY Corneilous Dixon and Kirsten Grimes / The...

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