Appraise It: Louis Vuitton “Monogram” Trunk

Wood Slats and Black Metal Corner Bands, Interior Label #154010, 23.5” x 18 x 20.25”

Louis Vuitton “Monogram” Trunk…

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Trash to Treasure

Blair Ely with Haitian children on her mission trip

Mission Work Inspires Student Art

The artwork of Blair Ely, a senior…

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Poet’s Corner–Sarah Neal

Disassociation: Negotiation on Being

On your star sheets you squeeze

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Welcome Hannah Lane Gallery

Vast Unknown, 2014, Mixed media on canvas, 10”…

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Book Review: You Gotta Go to Know

Nashville Couple Learns How to Live Large on the Ocean

As Shawn Mullins alluded…

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The Great Unknowns—Camilla Spadafino

Mayor Ben West and Diane Nash–a moment in civil…

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TACA Is Now Tennessee Craft

After nearly a half-century the Tennessee Association of Craft Artists…

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The Bookmark

A Monthly Look at Hot Books and Cool Reads

For more information about…

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