Robin Rains, by Anthony Scarlati

The delightful blond girl from Byrdstown, Tennessee, dubbed “Most likely to Succeed” by her classmates at Pickett County high school, has lived up to that senior superlative. Robin Rains, now a Nashvillian, is a nationally known interior designer with clients stretching from the Northeastern seaboard down to Florida, venturing west to Texas and filling in handfuls of states between…

…Rains gleans information as she interviews each of her clients. Typically hired for upscale residential projects, she homes in not only on the homeowners’ words during this process, but also on their actions. She wants to determine how they really live. What space do they gravitate toward? What is their lifestyle? Do they lie down on their furniture? Are they perfectionists? Then she can distill, discern, and design with understanding.

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