By Chris Brubeck

Leader of Triple Play and son of legendary jazz great Dave Brubeck

My group Triple Play is excited about playing in Nashville for the first time.  Over the decades I’ve performed there several times as the bass player in the Dave Brubeck Quartet but in that context I was wearing my jazz hat.  This group allows me to run wild on three instruments in multiple musical directions.

Nashville will appreciate our eclectic trio. As one reviewer described our group “they patrol the borders of Blues, Jazz, Folk and Acoustic Funk.”  In Triple Play, I get to play with two other phenomenal musicians: Joel Brown is a rarity — a classical guitarist who also plays extremely tasty acoustic steel string guitar; and Peter Madcat Ruth who is recognized around the world as  one of  the best harmonica players out there.  As the leader, I am a “triple threat,” bouncing around between piano, trombone and electric fretless bass. We all sing too.  Perhaps most importantly, we have a terrific time making all sorts of music intertwine together.

So you don’t think I’m delusional about our group. The L.A. Times called us “rollicking good fun” and wrote that we “stole the show with our flair and virtuosity.”  That vibe is infectious and immerses the audience into a fun experience.  I think we are accidentally entertaining, while we hit the stage to play our collective butts off.  We see folks in the audience having a great time whether they are age 6 or 86.  I have to brag that Madcat, who played, recorded and toured the world with my Dad’s group for a while back in the 1970s. My old man said Madcat is one of the most naturally talented musicians he has ever heard. Most anyone that gives a listen will agree!

In our concerts you are likely to hear some of Dave Brubeck’s hits  (“Take Five,” “Blue Rondo a la Turk,” “Unsquare Dance”) played in a unique way.  In fact, my Dad’s last recording was with Triple Play. Dave was our guest during a festival concert performance and the live CD we recorded that night captures the exciting synergy between the musical generations.

Triple Play explores the heart and soul of American music, blues, timeless songs and original tunes that embrace our country’s diverse musical language.  Can’t wait to come to Nashville and share a wonderful evening of music with you there.

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