Johnny Lee Park: Dystopian Mixed Media

by Jennifer Anderson

After his introduction to drawing in art class in elementary school, Johnny Lee Park became intrigued by the hard, cold lines of architecture and motor vehicles. Drawing buildings and cars, he became interested in hyperrealism and felt strongly that if you couldn’t pull it off one hundred percent you shouldn’t do it at all. Behind his quiet demeanor lies a stubborn, complex, analytical mind.

During his college years studying for a management degree he became drawn to graphic design, printmaking, etching, and lithography and went on to include future study in figure drawing. The creative epiphany came at a printmaking open-portfolio night after which he went on to a graduate degree in printmaking. Today he continues to share his love of learning and his vision as an artist with his students as a college-level instructor in graphic design, photography, and fine arts.

His work incorporates painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography to create dystopian abstract works of art. An ongoing theme he explores is the seductive yet horrifying dependence that technology foists upon us by contrasting the humanity of the intimate studies of women with heavy industrial realism in disturbing yet compelling ways. The piece titled Suffer is the first in the series he is currently working on. It features mixed media and the impact of negative energy resulting from pending job loss and a life in transition. The eloquent and mesmerizing pain is immediate upon viewing.

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