Drawn in part by a sense of warmth and community, Londoner Jason Brown settled on a life in Nashville. Now he’s establishing a project that does credit to our city, one that is intimately tied to a sense of community. Appropriately enough, the project is called Reinvention.

This project is focused on mail art. As such, it is essentially tactile. It is open to anyone, and participation is free. Accepted mediums include painting, collage, mixed media, rubber stamps, or any object that can be sent through the postal system. There will be no jury selection, and submitted works will be neither returned nor sold. All works will be shown on the blog nashmailart.blogspot.com and also featured in an exhibition later this year. The deadline is June 1.

Numerous submissions have already arrived from all over the globe, and with the project just begun, it seems there will be a very diverse return. France, Norway, and England are represented, and there have been responses from Luxembourg, Colombia, and Japan, to name but a few. It is shaping up to be a very fun and interesting project, one that is refreshingly focused on a sense of community.

For more information, contact nashmailart@gmail.com. Submissions can be mailed to: Jason Brown, P.O. Box 160417, Nashville, TN 37216 USA.



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