Now through March 13, 2016

Rosa Mug Shot Treated_Co#1D

Image by Colin Peterson

History live on stage at the Nashville Children’s Theatre. December 1, 1955, Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks, a black woman, refuses to surrender her seat on a public bus to a white man. Her arrest proved to be a tipping point in American history, inspiring Montgomery’s African-American citizens to organize in non-violent protest under the leadership of a new young pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The newly formed Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) staged a 13-month boycott of Montgomery’s public transit system that resulted in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down segregation on public buses as unconstitutional.


Image by Colin Peterson

Tickets are available at; they can also be purchased over the phone (615-252-4675) or in person at the box office. The Nashville Children’s Theatre is located at 25 Middleton St, Nashville, TN.



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