Jack Yacoubian Fine Jewelry and Art Gallery | April 1–27

Being an artist is inherently challenging; being an artist with a disability is even more so. Autism is one disability that can severely affect social interaction, behavior, and communication. But as seen in the upcoming exhibit at Jack Yacoubian Fine Jewelry and Art Gallery, art communicates on a level that reaches far beyond these limitations.

The Art of Autism will open during the Franklin Art Scene on April 1 at 6 p.m. and showcase autistic artists of varying ages. Preston Vienneau, a Nashville native, is a self-taught artist whose work has been featured in and around the city. Grace Goad has been painting since she was four and has had exhibits in Seattle and New York. Spencer Replogle was diagnosed in 2011, and the nine-year-old now collaborates with his father, Jason, in creating vibrant sculptures.

The event will also feature the musical talents of Logan Blade and Tammy Vice. Logan was diagnosed with autism at age two; though he has limited speech capabilities, he is a gifted singer who has achieved national recognition. Tammy is a singer-songwriter and autism-awareness advocate whose daughter was diagnosed at age three.

Preston Vienneau bass out of water

Preston Vienneau, Bass Out Of Water

“I know first-hand the gifts that individuals with autism have and the difficulty they have in sharing these gifts with the world,” says exhibit curator Susan McGrew. Gallery owner Jack Yacoubian was eager to give them an outlet to display their work and highlight their employability as artists. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Nashville IDD Housing Group, a charity that assists with adult housing needs for the disabled.

Jack Yacoubian Fine Jewelry and Art Gallery is located at 114 3rd Avenue, Franklin, TN. For more information, visit www.downtownfranklintn.com/the-franklin-art-scene.




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