by Emily Blake

Based in Nashville, artist Heidi Ross explores the past twelve years of her career in her retrospective photography exhibition Ilk: Similars 2004-2016. Using as little equipment as possible, Ross employs her one camera, a Canon 5D with two lenses, to capture her exquisite images, utilizing a large light attachment only when natural light is not an option.

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The Ilk: Similars 2004-2016 collection consists of 27 images taken throughout her career that are presented in pairs or groups based on common themes. Interestingly enough, these common themes are quite apparent throughout her work despite the images being taken at different times and for different purposes.

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Drawing from writers such as Joan Didion, Raymond Chandler, and Marilynne Robinson for inspiration, Ross has continually seen books as a visual medium. “I am, first and always, a reader. Before I was a copywriter, before I was a photographer, before I became a creative director, I read books,” says Ross. However, the imagery from National Geographic also had an intense influence over her creative work.

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A Montana native, Ross went from working in advertising in New Orleans to pursuing photography in Nashville. A co-founder of Studio MRQ: Fine Function, her photography has been featured alongside William Klein, Richard Avedon, and Vivian Maier, as well as on album covers and branding campaigns.

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Beginning April 21st, her exhibition Ilk: Similars 2004-2016 will be on display and open to the public at Third Man Records’s Blue Room. The images are limited editions with only five prints of each available. For more information, visit



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