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Terry Montimore

By Whitney Keen

From the beauty of the Arcane arts come the Arcane Artists. In this new exhibition, Corvidae Collective is showcasing artists from around the world and their interpretations of Tarot cards. Each Tarot card is painted on a 14” x 18″ deep cradled birch panel, each a matching set to the full Tarot deck.

Artists and their works include:

Nom Kinnear King – High Priestess; Samuel Araya – Magician; Brynn Elizabeth – Hermit; Laurie McClave – Empress; Megan Buccere – Justice; Scott Kirschner – Tower; Terry Montimore – Death; Kamille Freske – Star; Michael Armenia – Fool; Karen Short – Emperor; Nina Covington – Temperance; Symantha Jones – Hanged Man; Mani C. Price – Devil; Tammy Mae Moon – Moon; Linsay Blondeau – Sun; Bella Harris – Lovers; Heather Rose – Hierophant; Amy Pragnell – Judgement; Jackie Cheuvront – Strength; Kevin A Taubman – Chariot; Lea Barozzi – Wheel of Fortune; and Lisa Eisenga- The World.

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Bella Harris

For some this exhibition resonates to their core where the magic of creativity dwells. As Tammy Mae Moon says, ” I believe shamanism is a powerful way to inner change.  It is a way of connecting with the outer natural world and bringing it into our own inner psychological world.  This is what I hope to do with my art.  My loftiest goal with my work is to bring in a bit of ancient magic and help with an inner transformation within each viewer. ”

“To me making art is a shamanic journey.  It is a voyage into the dark, chaotic places within to find the symbols that help me make sense of my reality.  As our modern world has forgotten what magic is and it’s importance, artists are some of the last of the world’s remaining magicians.

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Tammy Mae Moon

I am drawn to those female archetypes that got a bad rap in history or myth, the Liliths and the Morgan Le Fays, the witches and enchantresses. In myth, goddesses like Circe and Morgan Le Fay were said to control the weather by unbraiding or unbinding their hair.  Most of my women have hair flying around like they are in a windstorm. I think it draws upon that archetype of the electrical, creative, dark goddess. It is this archetype of the goddess we still struggle with today. The crazy, chaotic, primal feminine force that man has never understood, and yet underlies all of nature.” Tammy Mae Moon



Enjoy this exhibition during the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, June 4, from 6 until 9 pm. Arcana will be in the Corvidae Collective until June 30. For more information please visit or



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