November 2016

November 6


Herakut – Cornerstone Square Building, corner of 6th Avenue and Church Street; Photograph by Colin M Day

The worlds of fitness and art will collide this month as enthusiasts of both gather for free bicycle tours of Nashville’s downtown murals. A 5-mile and a 9-mile version of the ride will wind its way through the city, stopping at select murals to hear from experts or the artists themselves.

The idea came from local artist Brenda Stein, who decided to get a closer look at the Nashville Walls Project but found it difficult to fully appreciate the work from her car. She invited her friend art consultant Sara Lee Burd to grab their bikes and take a closer look. The pair decided it was an idea they wanted to share with other people and began organizing the tour.

The curation included with each stop is an effort to sweeten the payoff for all that pedaling. “If you’ve taken your energy to get up there and see it, having someone who’s educated to talk about it will add another layer of depth to the experience,” Stein says.

As for the price of admission, it was important to the pair that they highlight one of the great aspects of public art. “We were interested in creating a free mural art tour because we consider the murals to be a free, democratized form of art,” explains Burd.

The pair have augmented their art knowledge by teaming up with co-sponsor Walk Bike Nashville to handle the cycling aspect of the tour. The group will offer a lesson on how to bicycle safely downtown.

The tour will begins at 2:00 on November 6, departing from and returning to The Picnic Tap at the Farmer’s Market. For more information, visit



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