December 2016

Nashville Children’s Theatre

by Jim Reyland

Jim Reyland’s new book, Handmade – Friendships Famous, Infamous, Real and Imagined is available at in paperback and on Kindle. Jim’s new Christmas music comedy, MOTEL NOEL, starring Barry Scott and Jamey Green, opens December 1 at the 4th Story Theatre.

Renowned pianist and composer Loonis McGlohon once described Christmas as “Candy Canes, wind-up trains, drawing names . . . Christmas is all the things children dream of . . . but most of all, Christmas is Love.”

Nashville Children’s Theatre agrees. That’s why they’ve not only chosen to punctuate the season with one of the greatest love stories of all time, but they also suggest that it could become so much more—your new holiday tradition. This is very exciting, because holiday traditions, like mistletoe, are filled with expectation!


Eric D. Pasto-Crosby (Prince Rupert), Jamie Farmer (Tisbe), Rosemary Fossee (Ella), Matthew Rosenbaum (Prince Leopold), Evangeline Richmond (Clarenda), and Shawn Knight (Archduke Ludwig) in Cinderella; Photography by Colin Peterson

Cinderella is a tale of magic that starts with a girl, a shoe, and ends with a prince. It’s a story that’s been reimagined in every possible way for hundreds of years. The oldest version was thought to have come from China. After that, a European version arrived from Italy. The most popular version was first published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou Contes du Temps Passé in 1697 and later by the Brothers Grimm in their folk tale collection Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Today it’s as much a part of our modern-day culture as Disney and Rodgers and Hammerstein.


Rosemary Fossee (Ella), Eric D. Pasto-Crosby (Baron Rupert), Matthew Rosenbaum (Prince Leopold), and Shawn Knight (Archduke Ludwig) in Cinderella

NCT’s Cinderella is dramatized by the late Producing Artistic Director Scot Copeland and remounted by Company Stage Manager Dan Brewer. The cast is led by Rosemary Fossee, last seen as Mary Warren in the critically acclaimed Afflicted: Daughters of Salem. Matthew Rosenbaum will make sure the shoe fits as Prince Leopold, and Rona Carter appears as Cinderella’s magical Godmother. The wonderful Jamie Farmer and Evangeline Richmond are the hilariously awful stepsisters, Tisbe and Clarenda, and Bobby Wyckoff makes his appearance as King Otto. Shawn Knight and Eric D. Pasto-Crosby are on hand as Baron Rupert and Archduke Ludwig, respectively. NCT is very proud of their upcoming production, and they should be.

Cinderella is as colorful as a Victorian pop-up book and as lush as a Viennese waltz. This sparkling holiday confection brims with humor, romance, and spectacular theatrical effects. All the iconic elements one would hope to see are here: hilarious stepsisters, wise fairy godmother, amazing transformations, delicate pumpkin coach, beautiful ball gown, a handsome prince, the striking clock, a desperate flight, and, of course, a delicate glass slipper left behind in the snow, all lovingly designed, carefully crafted, and beautifully played.”

“Cinderella is as colorful as a Victorian pop-up book and as lush as a Viennese waltz.”


Jamie Farmer (Tisbe), Rosemary Fossee (Ella), and Evangeline Richmond (Clarenda) in Cinderella

You can’t argue with images like those. So hurry up, purchase your tickets before the clock strikes midnight or risk turning into a gourd. Performances are Thursday, December 15, through Saturday, December 17, evenings at 6:30 p.m., as well as afternoons at 2 p.m. from Saturday, December 17, through December 22. There is no performance on Monday, December 19.

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