April 2017

Periodically, Leiper’s Fork, an unincorporated village of 650 in Williamson County, turns into an unlikely epicenter for art enthusiasts. Its three local art galleries host an event known as 3X3 (three by three), a unique opportunity to experience erudite creativity and bucolic simplicity at once.

Roger Dale Brown, Golden Hour, 2017, Oil on linen, 20” x 36”

“The pastoral setting is unlike any other place for showing art,” explains Lisa Fox, owner of Leiper’s Creek Gallery and one of the event’s organizers. “There is no traffic, park in the field, the vibe is relaxed and friendly, yet sophisticated.”

The sixth iteration of 3X3 will be held on the evening of April 22, with Leiper’s Creek Gallery, The Copper Fox, and the David Arms Gallery each hosting new work by featured artists who will be on hand to discuss it.

“It’s sort of like an art crawl in that you travel from one show to the next, but there’s more to it than that,” Fox says. “People love being in the country and kicking back to enjoy the surroundings, food, and live music. That really tops it off on a cool spring night with twinkling lights and a bright moon.”

Leiper’s Creek Gallery will present work by award-winning plein-air painter Roger Dale Brown, who hails from Franklin.

Sloane Bibb, Sarah-nade, 2017, Mixed media, 38” x 44”

Meanwhile, The Copper Fox is going to feature the work of Sloane Bibb, a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Alabama. “Through his use of an eclectic combination of wood, metal, paper, canvas, vintage magazines, and photographs, Sloane’s humorous narrative keeps viewers engaged for hours, if not lifetimes,” says Talbott Grimm, owner of The Copper Fox. “He typically has a theme in mind when he begins a piece, but as he sorts through his collections, the story can evolve into a giant bird, nest, guitar, layer cake, or front porch.”

The David Arms Gallery will exhibit the latest work by its owner and namesake, who has created a series of abstract impressions with acrylic paint and a palette knife on wood panels. “I want to create emotion with my subject matter, more than an exact image,” Arms says. “The image develops as I paint, letting each move direct the next. I choose a place to start with no clear vision of the end result.”

With all three galleries standing within a minute’s walk of one another, their spirit of collaboration is particularly apparent during 3X3.

“We felt like with our special bond in working together and helping each other in our businesses, that showcasing that was just a natural step to take,” says Fox. “I believe the fact that we all work together in harmony on the show is felt by those who attend.”

David Arms, The Well, 2017, Acrylic on wood, 47” x 77”

3X3 will be hosted from 6 to 9 p.m. on April 22 at Leiper’s Fork’s three galleries, all on Old Hillsboro Road. For more information, visit www.leiperscreekgallery.com, www.thecopperfoxgallery.com and www.davidarms.com.




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