April 2017

Principle Photography by John Jackson

Alan Waddell, Ryan Daniel, Anna Pope, and Sheryl Spencer at O’More College of Design

Linda Ashby and Jamie Carroll at David Lusk Gallery

Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Angie Leahy, and Tiger Gagan at O’More College of Design

The Great Toyzini, Sara Lederach and Katie Wolf at East Side Project Space

Tiffany Foss and Alex Higginson Rollins at Gallery 202

Monica Brown, Misti Wren, Luke brown, and Maria Tipton at Bob Parks Realty The Rymer Gallery

Jamie Carroll at David Lusk Gallery

Kris Griggs and Julie Harvey at Gallery 202

Brian Edmonds, Vicki Sher, and Heath De Hart at Zeitgeist

Sarah Maggart and Kat Friedmann at Channel to Channel

Tim Ross at Bob Parks Realty

Diane Carter and Bill Fahey at Bob Parks Realty

Luke and Olivia Landry at The Arts Company

Ali Katt and Dustin Hedrick at Channel to Channel

Paul Allen, Bobby Bare Jr., and Doni Schroader at Julia Martin Gallery

Charles V. Bennett, Naryan Smith, Cecilia Strand, Katie Kowalski and Jennifer Smith at The Rymer Gallery

Julia Martin, Kevin Doyle and Molly Lahym at Julia Martin Gallery

Ben Lankford at East Side Project Space

Jess and Katora at Tinney Contemporary

Merrilee Challiss at Julia Martin Gallery

The Rymer Gallery

Reygan Pitman and Zander Rosenbaum at The Arts Company

Maliyhah Albayan and LaChanda Q. Akers at Watkins Arcade Gallery

At Brikolai

Curt Thorne, Heather Thorne, Nashville Ballet Artistic Director and CEO Paul Vasterling and Jason Facio; Photograph by Susan Adcock

Nashville Ballet company dancers perform to Muddy Magnolias; Photography by Karyn Photography



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