March 2017

Alex Lockwood’s Creative New Space for New Ideas

Elephant Gallery, a new art space in North Nashville, opened last month with an exhibition called Aminals by Brett Douglas Hunter. The opening marks a transition for gallery owner Alex Lockwood, a local artist specializing in found-object sculpture, who has exhibited his own work in spaces throughout the city. His familiarity with the city’s wealth of creative energy gave him confidence that Elephant would be a welcomed addition.

“I’m an artist, I love art work, I love great shows,” Lockwood says. “There are great exhibition spaces in Nashville. There is also, I think, room for more.” Specifically, the location of the gallery is an opportunity to build on what is already here.

“It can serve North Nashville by adding one more creative space to the already lively art scene coming out of Fisk, TSU, and the Jefferson Street galleries,” Lockwood said. “It will also serve as an opportunity to show the neighborhood and the larger city different kinds of work than they see elsewhere.”

Elephant, which got its name from a dream Lockwood’s son had, is meant to house interesting art, regardless of where it comes from. The pieces in Aminals were created during a month-long residency in the space during which Hunter, a self-taught artist from Southern Illinois, produced colorful, unidentifiable beings of various materials. It looks like the show will serve as the perfect introduction to the gallery.

“Brett’s ideas travel without filter and with total confidence from his brain to his hand, and they are immediately recognizable as his alone,” said Lockwood. “He is driven to create work like few people I know.”

Elephant Gallery, 1411 Buchanan Street, is open Fridays from 2-6 p.m. and Saturdays from 12-6 p.m. Aminals will be on view through March 31. For more information, please visit To see more of Hunter’s work, visit

Aminals by Brett Douglas Hunter

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