A Fond Farewell

Berlinda, Mixed media on canvas, 60” x 36”

Artist Marleen De Waele-De Bock has lived a cosmopolitan life. Raised and educated in Belgium, she resided for a time in South Africa before moving to Nashville in 2001. “I’ve been here for 16 years, and that’s certainly the longest I’ve ever lived in one house,” De Waele-De Bock says. “I’ve grown restless.”

De Waele-De Bock will indulge her wanderlust later this year, when she relocates to Florida with her husband. The move will bring to an end her longtime presence at Nashville’s historic Arcade, where her BelArt Studio and Gallery has been a xture at monthly art crawls for the past seven years. But De Waele-De Bock will not cut ties with the city entirely. Even after the move, her art will continue to be represented by Nashville’s prestigious LeQuire Gallery.

To bid the city farewell, De Waele-De Bock will present one last show at her BelArt Studio during the First Saturday Art Crawl in March. The highlight of the exhibit will be eight fanciful paintings featuring beautiful women bedecked in various oral arrangements. The idea for the new paintings came to her last year, after a long stint of painting landscapes.

In describing these works, De Waele-De Bock notes in her artist statement: “I am guided by the feelings I have at the moment I am painting. Each face brings another color palette to life. Each expression dictates another composition. The result is mysterious.”



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