March 2017

by Margaret F.M. Walker

Haynes Galleries, a Nashville establishment for twentieth-century and contemporary-realist painting, transitioned on March 1 to operating as a private gallery with art advisory and personal concierge services. As the art market changes, so too must the way that gallerists do business. While technological advances have put the art of the world at anyone’s fingertips, they have eliminated one crucial element—the personal touch. This is where the new Haynes Galleries steps into the picture. Visitors now will see artwork in a home-like space, adding a level of intimacy to the viewing experience and sparking ideas for those looking to buy. As Gary Haynes says, “People enjoy seeing art in a setting conducive to display.” Haynes will continue to host shows for artists they represent and events for groups and clubs in the city in addition to their regular clientele.

Joseph McGurl, Skulling, Oil on panel, 10” x 20”

Not only is the new space a more intimate setting, it is actually twice the size of Haynes’s previous location. Gary Haynes and his staff are excited about the varied possibilities for shows, displays, and gatherings as their focus shifts to become more event-centric and personalized. For one, they will have greater flexibility on the length of shows and in their ability to offer truly custom services for clients. Three galleries called Upstairs at Haynes and two Garden Galleries will lend versatility regarding the types of settings for display within the gallery as a whole. Haynes is looking forward to regular visits from clients and the curious and to hosting events tied to these respective galleries within the gallery.

Stepping into the new Haynes Galleries, I found it at once both spacious and warm and very inviting, fitting for this emphasis on special events and privately catering to those interested in the art. As Gary Haynes says of the new location, “It’s like visiting a friend; just give us a quick call and make sure we’re here before you stop by.”

Andrea Smith, Ladle with Persimmons, Oil on canvas, 13” x 26”

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