May 2017

Principal photography by John Jackson

Caroline Gilbert, Hannah McGraw, and Emily Thompson at The Arts Company

Stephen Schlegel and Shannon Dobson at The Rymer Gallery

Amy Potter and Jolyn Newton at Corvidae Collective

Sarah Knobloch at Tinney Contemporary

At Watkins Arcade Gallery

Susan Tinney and Adam Shulman at Tinney Contemporary

Norman Mitchell, Dalton Ford, and Cody Anderson at The Arts Company

Kristy Skinner and Sherry Tizzano at Tinney Contemporary

Brianna Bass at Ground Floor Gallery

Mary L. Sullivan and Carl Gombert at Ground Floor Gallery

Karen Schneider and Melody Wilson at David Lusk Gallery

At East Side Project Space

Andrea and Cesar Pita at mild climate

Megan Lightell and Derek Greene at Channel to Channel

At Zeitgeist

Stephen Watkins and John Albert at Zeitgeist

Dr. J. Kline and Mary Schatz at Watkins Silo Opening; Photograph by Sam Angel

Jessie English and Buddy Jackson at Julia Martin Gallery

Sylvia Tennant and Frank Hand at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Julia Martin, Sara Estes and Sarah Souther at Julia Martin Gallery

Drew Maynard and Liz Herrington-Maynard at Julia Martin Gallery

Kellie Barnhill and Ania Talaga at Coop Gallery




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