OZ Arts | 7:30pm, June 1, 2017

A year-long collaboration between GRAMMY-winning banjo player Abigail Washburn and master guzheng player Wu Fei culminates on June 1 at OZ Arts. The two musicians have been creating a completely new and unique sound: a blend of traditional Appalachian and Chinese folk music. Anyone familiar with Washburn’s work knows that she is not new to Chinese culture, and has in fact toured multiple times in China, speaks Mandarin, and has been named the first U.S.-China Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Wu is equally impressive in her accomplishments, having mastered the ancient 21-string guzheng, been commissioned for several high-profile compositions, and performed and lectured at events and festivals all over the world.

Washburn and Wu

The concert at OZ will feature the songs the two have written together over the past twelve months, and showcase their non-traditional techniques and love of improvisation. Their lyrics share similar stories and their music blends their cultures seamlessly. To further support their mission of cultural collaboration, Washburn and Wu have founded a non-profit organization called The Ripple Effect that encourages others to “expand [their] hearts and minds through the unique sounds, harmony and culture of American and Chinese folk music.”


For more information, please visit www.ozartsnashville.org/.



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