July 2017

Principal photography by Tiffany Alves

Tim May, Alan Shuptrine and Gretchen Priest-May at Tennessee State Museum

Desere Carlson, Michael Gaskell and Joseph Bartolo at The Arts Company

Britt Terrell and Ferrin Lawrence at Channel to Channel

JB Cohen and Kevin Sear at David Lusk Gallery

Robinson Regen, Ellen Pryor and Doug Regen at The Arts Company

Desiree, Jeffrey and Kindred Redding at The Arts Company

Phyllis, Courtney, and Kenneth Clark at Tinney Contemporary

Carolyn and Anani Kelly at The Rymer Gallery

Nick Thompson and Andra Milstead at The Arts Company

Diego Estrada and Espe Magaly at Zeitgeist

Priscilla Mullins and Andres Bustamante at Zeitgeist

James Lavadour and David Sweat at Cumberland Gallery

Steven Abernathy and Kristin Lagan at Tinney Contemporary

Eriny Hannah, Bekka Depew, and Clark Stallings at The Arts Company

Shaun Giles and Katherine Wagner at Ground Floor Gallery

Greg Freeman at The Rymer Gallery

Casey Campbell and Lauren Willoughby at Cumberland Gallery

Elaine Wood, Scott Chambers, David Lusk, and Carol Mode at David Lusk Gallery

Gabriel Pozzo and Mark Wood at Zeitgeist

Kayla Burnett and Chesney Hensley at The Rymer Gallery

Candace Newson and Jasmine Cole at The Rymer Gallery

Noah Bartfield, Kim Bartfield, Kerri Horowitz, Sasha Morfam and Josh Euighton at David Lusk Gallery

Daniel Supensky and Tamara Kreigh at Tinney Contemporary

Lees Romano and Amelia Briggs at Zeitgeist

Bruce Hughes and Nancy Kirkland at David Lusk Gallery
















































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