This Friday, June 23, two Nashville-based curators will be opening an exhibit at the Industry Gallery in Los Angeles, California. The gallery, striving to change up the way it curates shows, reached out to Payton Newcomer and Morgan Splawn to bring in work from Nashville as well as L.A. so that the two cities’ art and cultures could be compared and contrasted.

“Neon” by Alic Daniel

The show, “PANTONE PDC,” is interactive and technology-focused, and “explores the impact of New Media Art on Contemporary Art forms and Pop-Culture.” The artists featured in this show use new media forms like augmented reality, virtual reality, projection mapping, 3D printing, and audiovisual installations, all blended with more traditional artforms. As a result, the exhibit provokes discussions about the changing world, technology, and the focus on digital platforms, all while encouraging viewers to interact with the art and appreciate the place of these new media forms in the art world.


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