September 2017

Principal photography by Tiffani Bing

At The Arts Company

Sinclair Tucker, Nicholas Schurman, Nick Woods, and Ashley Atterberry at Fort Houston

Wendy Paro and Taro at East Side Project Space

At Open Gallery

Greg and Amber Reifschneider at The Rymer Gallery

Mike Gracey and Nina Estoesta at The Arts Company

Zoey Dodge and Lexie Roland at Open Gallery

At The Rymer Gallery

Beth and Jon Henry at The Browsing Room Gallery

Meghan Lamb, Austin, Heather Johnson, and Kelsey Smith at Zeitgeist

Skeeter Biscuit, Mary Wilson-Sjerps, Von Derry, and Helen Hoyt at Tinney Contemporary

At Tinney Contemporary

Jenn Stookey and Coley G. at The Arts Company

Artist Sharyn Bachleda and Liz Lowenstein at Open Gallery

Ashton Hardwick and Ora Bransford at The Rymer Gallery

Carrie McMahon, Nilo, and Blake at Fort Houston

Mary Smith, Tori Cunningham, and LaToya Robinson at The Arts Company

At Zeitgeist

Leila and Kurtis Anderson at Tinney Contemporary

Brent LaFever, Jennifer Crescuillo, and Meredith Edmondson at Fort Houston

At David Lusk Gallery

Malia and Scott Tripp at David Lusk Gallery

At Fort Houston

Tom Turner, Janet Kurtz, and Ron Gobbell at The Arts Company; Photograph by Madge Franklin



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