Main Street Gallery | September 28

Justification, 2017 Textured Masonite print, 36” x 48”

Local artist C.K. Wilkerson is returning for his third solo show at Main Street Gallery this month, titled Learning To Feel.

The show will highlight Wilkerson’s combination approach to creating contemporary art, a process in which he digitally tears apart photographs and puts them back together. He has worked with different materials, but recently favors printing the images on large pieces of Masonite (a type of hardboard made from wood fibers) coated with multiple layers of primer and texturized with a clear coating.

“Based in photography, I enhance the world I see around me to visually capture emotions,” Wilkerson says. “The photographs take on a life and depth of their own through the addition of layers of other photographic textures that stylistically go in a different direction than normal painting techniques.”

Learning To Feel has been inspired by Wilkerson’s personal experiences with addiction recovery. He made local headlines in 2013 when he was arrested for allegedly stabbing his roommate with a samurai sword. Since his release in 2014, he has remained sober and speaks at recovery-related events and rehabilitation centers. The show is a reflection on the importance of accepting emotions, good and bad, without numbing them.

“Through recovery, I’ve been able to find out more about who I am but I still have trouble describing those feelings with words,” Wilkerson explains. “Images, textures, and colors capture the part of me that I can’t explain. This show is another way of expressing the human experience of vulnerability, fears and insecurities, and triumphs and failures.”

Learning To Feel will be held at Main Street Gallery, 625 Main Street, on September 28, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, visit



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