September 2017

Coming to My Senses:
The Making of a Counterculture Cook

Alice Waters

Alice Waters is synonymous with the idea that food can be an agent of global change. This beautifully packaged memoir, loaded with stories, recipes, and pictures, is perfect for anyone with an interest in not just food itself, but how it brings us together as people. And especially in Nashville, a burgeoning foodie town, we all have a little something to learn from Alice Waters’ captivating journey.

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel

Jesmyn Ward

A powerful, heart-wrenching odyssey set on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, this novel is the latest masterpiece from a writer who is not afraid to strip America bare and examine hard truths. Full of painful realities and with a vein of magical realism throughout, Sing, Unburied, Sing is the book we have been waiting for. Don’t miss Jesmyn Ward when she is at Parnassus Books on September 12.

Dinner at the Center of the Earth: A Novel

Nathan Englander

At the core of this novel is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the relationship between a secret prisoner and his guard. More than just a political thriller, Dinner at the Center of the Earth weaves together the lives of disparate characters and asks big, universal questions that arise during conflict. Don’t miss Nathan Englander when he is at Parnassus Books on October 5.

The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve

Stephen Greenblatt

Enter Adam and Eve, biblical parents to all humans. Fast forward to The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve, a sweeping, investigative look at one of our oldest stories, the alleged root of our deepest fears and greatest desires. From theology and philosophy to art and literature, Greenblatt uses his keen eye and singular, illuminating prose style to unweave the diverse legacy of this single fable in a remarkable book.



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