October 2017

WORDS Amanda Dobra Hope

2016 Creative’s Day conference

A society that honors its creative class is a society that has taken a giant step toward recovering balance in Western civilization. Artists and creatives undoubtedly have a large influence on the shape of our culture. If society does not support those producing the art, it will never be entirely whole and will always be searching for its other half.

Brian Sexton, chairperson of Creatives’ Day, along with his team Jake Elliot, Sarah Saturday, Sarah Patton, and a growing list of business sponsors, are taking strides toward restoring that balance, starting right here in Nashville. Creatives’ Day is not just a day-long celebration; it’s also an organization that continues its programming year round to continually serve the needs they discover. “We do the ugly work; we’re advocates for artists. We’re a neutral organization able to be aware of the issues and connect creatives. If there’s one word to sum up Creatives’ Day it would be resource,” Sexton explains.

Nashville has recently gained the title of “It City” and has long held the title of “Music City.” But what made us the It City, and why do people love it here? Creativity. The left brain. The part of the human experience that we need almost as much as we need water or air. It’s all a part of the balance of a healthy, thriving person, and a healthy, vibrant city.

Creative’s Dat organizers Brian Sexton, Sarah Patton, and Jake Elliott; Photography by Alyx Walker

But are the Creatives themselves healthy, balanced, and thriving? Sexton and his team were finding that many were unable to find the resources, training, and connections they needed to support them in making and marketing their creations to continue to help make this city great. “We heard all kinds of stories of injustices between the creative community and the business community. This organization bridges that gap,” Sexton explains. Creatives’ Day participant Alyx Walker also sums up their mission and what she has gained from getting involved: “Creatives’ Day has opened my eyes to many new opportunities . . . Brian has opened my mind to collaborating with new organizations that I would not have thought about reaching out to without Creatives’ Day’s help. Their mission to introduce new artists and creative teams to each other matches well with my role in production, which is very team-based.”

So what can you expect to find at the Creatives’ Day Celebration October 21 at the Downtown Public Library? “Creatives’ Day is a holiday to say thank you to the artists for making Nashville an Arts and Entertainment capital,” says Sexton. There will be community and economic support, with coaching from the SBA, Affordable Housing, and Fifth/Third Bank, as well as healthcare screenings and a chance to meet and mingle with art crawl hosts and to network with others in the field. If you don’t need these resources, Sexton and his crew invite you out for a free, family friendly day of art and fun, honoring you, Nashville’s diverse community of artists and arts-focused organizations. You can expect to find music, art, face painting, film screenings, food, and fun!

Creatives’ Day takes place at the Downtown Public Library on October 21. Find out more at www.creativesday.com.

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