December 2017

This year’s competition saw over five hundred local, national and international entries.Here are the top ten chosen by our guest judge Jackie Heigle, Associate Professor of Photography at MTSU. All entries can be viewed online at

B. D. Scott

First Place– $500 cash prize

This formally constructed image of complementary color, exquisite lighting, and exceptionally tactile detail and form becomes a powerful lyrical expression approaching that of music and opera, thereby evoking similar emotions and response.


Photograph by Priyanka Modi

Jackie Kerns Heigle, Guest Judge

Jackie Kerns Heigle is an Associate Professor in Photography and the new Curator for the Baldwin Photographic Gallery at MTSU. Originally from Memphis, Jackie received her BS in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and her MFA from the University of Memphis. Her personal work explores the American vernacular and landscape, utilizing a variety of alternative approaches to photography, including pinhole photography, wet plate photography, and Hockneyesque multi-image composites. Jackie resides part-time in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Buddy Jackson

Second Place

$300 Chromatics Gift Certificate

I chose this image, again, for its evocative composition of light, form, color, and environment. It is beautiful to behold, successfully references the Dutch mastery of similar subject, color, and light. The punctum, the kicker of this image, is the tattoo on the leg.

Sainadh Mallula

Third Place

$200 Chromatics Gift Certificate

Technical perfection in capturing light, color, and movement at a fair, so this image has a nostalgic pull. However, again, I relate my reading and experience of an image to the times in which we are living. This past year saw airlines under attack for policies and actions in overbooking . . . In this image, every choice of the photographer resonates for me—which ride, which moment. Notice the empty seat, the airplane emblems . . .

Honorable mentions in their own words…

Sarah Taylor

I was drawn to how the water made his body seem like an obscured oil painting. Taken in Florida with 120mm color film.

Chris Parsons

The tintype process fully captures the detail and symmetry of the natural world while embracing the beauty of imperfection.

Jerry Park

I took this shot on a recent trip to Wales, England. These are storage sheds on the beach at Teignmouth, on the English Channel coast.

Renee Lowery

This photograph was taken in the dining car of a restored antique train.

Robert Greenberg

This photo was taken in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado. On seeing this particular dune I was struck by the graceful curvature and the light fall-off as it came over the edge.

Jo Fields

Standing Together: Friends traveling a well-worn path into a misty and uncertain future in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, symbolizes our deep, interdependent and timeless relationship with nature.

Grace Parker

A lone spot of light illuminates laundry hanging to dry, a spot of color among the shadowy rooftops of Phnom Penh.

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