March 2018

Principal photography by Michael Nott

Blair Tramel and Connor Cummins at Julia Martin Gallery

Jennifer Pepper at The Browsing Room Gallery

Grace Jennings at David Lusk Gallery

Brittani Collinsworth, Cameron Cook and Nina Rodriquez at Tinney Contemporary

Bridgette Welch and Brandon Cogdill at Watkins Art Gallery

Ken Thompson, Moscha Thompson, Brittany Goodrich and Erick Watson at Blend Studio

Maddie Vickers, Hunter Vickers at Tinney Contemporary

Bill Schumm and Terrell Thornhill at 208 Gallery

Suzanne Pfeil and Peter Wells at Blend Studio

Joe Nolan, Antonia Oaks and Ryan Hogan at Zeitgeist

Devlon Holton and Crystal Chen at Zeitgeist

Shepley Jennings, Shannon Smith, and Ansley Hampton at David Lusk Gallery

Molly Rose Fox, Rose Fox and Mic Fox at Julia Martin Gallery

Lexie Roland, Carrie Null, Hannah Taylor and Grace Claypool at Open Gallery

Russom Desta, Karmen Brooks and Efou Aghimien at The Rymer Gallery

Ryan A. Carter, Travis O’Neil, and A.J. Melbert at Tinney Contemporary

Christian and Jon Buko at The Rymer Gallery

Stephen Watkins at Tinney Contemporary

John Hussy and Deitre Chischke at Zeitgeist

Sterling Atkins, Micole Azuogh, Patrica Timi, Uchenna Nwosu and Abubakarr B. at The Arts Company

Cloe Namias, I-Queen Smart and Emma Uraih at The Rymer Gallery

Kenny Wheeler and Taryn Peck at The Arts Company

Lorraine Ensley and John Besser at O’More College of Design; Photograph by John Jackson

Debria Tyler reciting poetry during O’More College of Design’s exhibit, What’s Love Got to Do with It; Photograph by John Jackson

Manny Cuevas and David Martinez at O’More College of Design; Photograph by John Jackson

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