Art Smart

State Of The Arts: Artober

by Jennifer Cole, Executive Director at Metro Nashville Arts Commission The goal of Artober Nashville is simple—Arts. Everywhere. You’ll experience art at Titans games, in the park, at your local library o...

Art and Math: Lessons Plans

By Brandi Self, Arts360 District Coordinator This lesson is a perfect culminating activity for a geometry unit on shapes and polygons. Children’s book illustrations are a great way to introduce your stud...

Not Your Grandmother’s Fieldtrips

by DeeGee Lester, Education Director, the Parthenon Embarking upon an exciting 2012-2013 school year, teachers and students anticipate moving beyond classrooms and textbooks, utilizing the enormous ran...

DancEast: The Pure Joy of Dance

DancEast instructors (Masters, co-owner Lauren Melancon, and Whitley Hill) forgo the dance school tradition of competition and performance based on a recital piece. Instead, they build what one parent describes as a “community of adults and children that love dance, creativity, and learning.” This is not external presentation but internal development and expression.

New Perspective

Teaching Latin America Through Film, a weeklong institute for K–16 local and regional educators, will be held on the Vanderbilt campus July 16–20, 2012.

Tennessee Arts Academy at Belmont University

For a few days each summer, Belmont University halls and classrooms, normally packed with college students and professors, will be filled with Tennessee teachers from around the state. The Tennessee Arts Academy, an annual program sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education, invites educators to campus for an immersion in the arts.

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