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Spotlight | Simon Ripley’s

Simon Ripley’s Music and Art kicked off a four-week-long grand opening celebration with multi-media artist and MuzikMafia performer Rachel Kice. Guests were entertained with a live performance by Kice who p...
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Spotlight | 2010 International VSA Festival

Vision Strength and Arts Festival Never before has a Tennessee performer or performing group been selected to participate in the International VSA arts Festival, until now. Local group Lake Rise Place has been...
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Spotlight | “Rigoletto”

Rigoletto by Nashville Opera A story of dark intrigue, Rigoletto blends Verdi’s music with Victor Hugo’s tragic tale of a father’s vengeance. Nashville Opera will present this opera as their final production ...
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Colin Linden | Under the Black Hat

I know a thing or two about Colin Linden. His smile could start a fire. He loves red wine and red meat. His slide playing can make you weep. He needs very little sleep. He once had a job as a Santa Claus. H...
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Mark Lacey | Celebrating Six Strings

No other city in the world celebrates the six-string like Nashville, Tennessee. On every street corner, dive bar stage or Music Row writers’ room, somebody is plunking out a tune. Because of its sound, size...

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