NPT: Arts Worth Watching

NPT Guide: Arts Worth Watching - July 2013 NPT: Arts Worth Watching “We come out here to show the love of Jesus Christ through skateboarding. I know that’s kind of weird-sounding ’cause a lot of skateboarde...

Boxers or Briefs?

A Conversation with Paul Vasterling, Artistic Director and CEO, Nashville Ballet Photo by Jerry Atnip What made you decide to become a choreographer? I always loved moving to music. Music is my firs...

DancEast: The Pure Joy of Dance

DancEast instructors (Masters, co-owner Lauren Melancon, and Whitley Hill) forgo the dance school tradition of competition and performance based on a recital piece. Instead, they build what one parent describes as a “community of adults and children that love dance, creativity, and learning.” This is not external presentation but internal development and expression.
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Sideshow Fringe | It’s Cool in the Fall

Actors Bridge Announces Sideshow Fringe: Music City's Cool Performing Arts Festival Sideshow Fringe is a Nashville-based four-day performing arts extravaganza connecting adventurous artists with adventurous...
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Dance Theatre of Tennessee | From the Ground Up

Ballet, despite its origins as the dance of royalty and not of the masses, is an art form that speaks to everyone. It is pure story-telling theatre but without words. Ballet is quite simply what feelings lo...

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