Visual Arts

楽園(Paradise), Shu Kubo

Shu Kubo | Kirie Comes Alive

Both a traditionalist and a trailblazer, Shu Kubo has famously revived a centuries-old tradition through the art of Kirie or paper-cutting. Nashville Arts Magazine had the good fortune to sit down with Shu ...

Jack Spencer | The Illusionist

Jack Spencer’s photographs make me weak in the knees. They glow. They have mystery. There’s a depth of texture that can transport you from a chaotic world into his soft, dusty one. The subjects speak in whi...

O’More School of Design

They've come a long way, baby. I was the first male graduate of the O’More School of Interior Design in Franklin, way back in 1974. Our school comprised a handful of students in Mrs. Eloise Pitts O’More’s old ...
Simon and Ripley's, photographed by Tony Scarlati

Spotlight | Simon Ripley’s

Simon Ripley’s Music and Art kicked off a four-week-long grand opening celebration with multi-media artist and MuzikMafia performer Rachel Kice. Guests were entertained with a live performance by Kice who p...
Una Lumino Portentum

Spotlight | U-Ram Choe at the Frist

This is an exhibit not to be missed. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t walk—run! Even though the show has been up since mid February, people can’t stop talking about the mesmerizing sculptures by kinetic ar...

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