Freedom of Expression

Spotlight | Lauren Rolwing

Lauren Rolwing, International Poster Winner Lauren Rolwing, a local illustrator, was chosen out of 1,834 entries from around the world as one of the best one hundred artists to represent Freedom of Expression, by Poster for Tomorrow, an international poster c...
The Easy Life

Spotlight | Art After Hours

Every first thursday of the month, thirty-six member galleries of the Nashville Association of Art Dealers (NAAD) are open late from 5–8 p.m., inviting the public to come and enjoy art after work. Art After Hours is a citywide art crawl that elevates aware...
Nothing Tastes Like Everything Else by Stephen Sumney

My Favorite Painting

Stephen O. Sumney's A Deeper Understanding of Nothing Tastes Like Everything Else by John Scarpati, Photographer Pretty early on, I was hitting lots of openings around Southern California. I always enjoyed being part of that scene, and it was a grea...
Whitney Ferre

Whitney Ferré | Creatively Fit

Whitney Ferré is an artist, teacher and author, but when you start to peel back the layers, you begin to unveil both the complicated woman and the woman with the amazingly uncomplicated theory. My journey with the Chicago native began in the late 1990s as ...
Breck, Garden in Giverny

Cheekwood | American Impressionists

For centuries in Europe patronage of the arts and appreciation for the artfully arranged garden were inextricably intertwined. Wealthy dilettantes enjoyed a stroll in a perfectly trimmed maze of geometric hedges or a seemingly wild tangle of delicate bloom...

Sharaku Who?

The city of Edo, modern day Tokyo, Japan, experienced the rise of a new form of pop art in the period between the seventeenth and the twentieth centuries. Ukiyo-e, or woodblock prints, became all the rage because their mass production rendered them affordabl...

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