Paul Lancaster

Paul Lancaster

Paul Lancaster lives in his own world, though I am fairly certain that creativity has him on speed dial. Just a few hours with this shy and gentle man are enough to let you know you are in the presence of someone very special, someone unique. Years before ...
Nick Long

Nick Long | In the Real World

“There are things out there that people just don’t bother to look at that have a certain kind of beauty,” says Nick Long, his smiling eyes glistening behind his glasses. In his acrylic canvases and “graphite paintings” (Long’s term for his detailed pencil ...
In Prayer

Gary R. Haynes | American Realism

We all have innate abilities which, with a bit of luck, turn to passions. If the stars align, those passions are cultivated into successful careers. These are the people the rest of us admire. Gary R. Haynes, of Haynes Galleries in Franklin, has spent a...
Ron Porter, Endangered Still Life #10

Cumberland Gallery

Nashville’s Cumberland Gallery will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary in April of this year. Always on the forefront of the art scene in Nashville, the gallery is pairing with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to create The Food Show, an exhib...
Ronell Venter

Ronell Venter | Painting in Bliss

Ronell Venter is a storyteller. With words, music and paint, she creates vivid narratives. Her art, perhaps, imitates her life. Venter’s journey as an artist is as full of adventure as one of her imaginative screenplays or active landscapes. A petite bl...
Richard Heinsohn "Invasion"

Richard Heinsohn | Intuitive Universe

Richard Heinsohn and his art are spot-on in a rapidly changing world. His intuitive style of painting connects him to the universal energy that exists between all matters and has the ability to bring the viewer into the explosive and exciting pieces that a...

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