By Mary Elizabeth Holden, Survivor

I won’t be silenced by your thoughts.
Nor by the words you say.
I won’t be buried in my hole.
Today is a brand new day.

The wrong you did won’t be forgot.
And I won’t hide my tears.
The strength that grew – You cannot stop.
I threw away the fears.

For God turns good the evil thoughts.
You have the power no more.
For it is gone; its death has come,
As life begins to soar.

I will not give you ONE MORE DAY.
You thought you had a ploy?
Your darkness lost – It’s gone for good.
Replaced with God’s great joy.

I let you live inside my head.
Each breath you took was mine.
I take them back. No breath’s for you.
Today I draw the line.

And now a creature has been made,
That you did not expect.
For I am strong and fight for good,
With kindness and respect.

You can’t kill me, for I am back
I’m not against the wall.
No more to hurt the ones like me
For we are standing tall.

I did not quit – You thought I’d lose,
You thought I’d walk away?
But I did not. I just grew strong,


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