Middle Tennessee native Scott Witherow offers the perfect holiday gift for kids of all ages. The trained chef-turned-chocolatier founded Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co. in East Nashville this year. Already, Nashvillians are lining up like excited schoolchildren for a taste of his delectable fare. Witherow claims that his sweets are created “in the new old fashioned way.” He begins with “an old Mexican style of grinding” and completes the process with modern European technologies. The branding for Witherow’s product has brought him national and regional awards—his charming vintage logo adds to the appeal of his nostalgic goodies. Witherow hopes to bring the excitement back to the craft and experience of artisan chocolate. He summarizes his business philosophy: “We want to make it the way chocolate used to be.”

O & S Recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate
Traditionally roasted and stone ground by hand, our Cinn-Chili chocolate bar is a tasty snack on its own, but it makes an awesome cup of hot chocolate!

All you need: 1 bar O & S Mexican Style Cinn-Chili and 1 1/2 cups milk (preferably whole and local). 1. Break up chocolate. 2. Heat milk to simmer. 3. Add chocolate and whisk away. . .add sugar to taste. 4. Garnish with cinnamon stick, take a pic and send it to Olive & Sinclair!

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