Simon and Ripley's, photographed by Tony Scarlati

Simon Ripley’s Music and Art kicked off a four-week-long grand opening celebration with multi-media artist and MuzikMafia performer Rachel Kice. Guests were entertained with a live performance by Kice who painted to cheerful rhythm that filled the cozy space on 8th Avenue. Original music resonated from a grand piano played by the store’s owner, John Ripley, along with Ruben Gonzalez on vintage Slingerland drums.

Throwing vibrant acrylic colors onto canvas, the painter’s work took shape as an abstract rendition of the music played. The painting was then sold to a collector. Kice has built a name for herself through joining forces with recording artists and was recently signed to a major record label.

Following this event were three weeks of additional receptions exhibiting the paintings by Marleen De Waele-De Bock, Greg Decker, and Ray Stephenson and the sculptures of Brenda Stein and Twisted Sisters. Simon Ripley’s is a unique experience in music and art.

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