Terrazzo Penthouse

Penthouse at the Terrazzo

More than a room with a view, the two-story penthouse on the fourteenth floor of Terrazzo is a view with a luscious home to accompany it. With soaring twenty-foot windows offering sweeping views of the city, views which transform with changing light from sunup to sundown, this urban home is the pinnacle of penthouse living in Nashville.

Dana Goodman Interiors created the design for the 3,173-square-foot home around these magnificent views. Walls wear soft shades of cream, which, akin to the views, meld with changing lights. Bamboo floors are sparingly covered, by design. The spacious living area—open and gracious with clean architectural lines—is accompanied by contemporary furnishings styled in classic fashion.

Located in the lively downtown area, The Gulch, cafés, fine restaurants, shopping, museums, and music entertainment are readily available at a moment’s notice. Contact Michelle Maldonado, 615-256-2003, mmaldonado@terrazzonashville.com.

Terrazzo Penthouse

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