for Pre-professionals with the Nashville Ballet

Nashville Ballet, photographed Marianne Leach

Nashville Ballet announces the creation of a new Training Division within the pre-professional company Nashville Ballet 2. This new level of training is designed as an entry level to develop and strengthen dancers into the NB2 performance company.

“We are pleased to offer such a comprehensive and thorough training program for aspiring professional dancers. This is the only program of its kind in the Southeast. It will allow us to identify and develop the individual talents of each dancer who participates and guide them to a professional career,” states Paul Vasterling, Artistic Director/CEO of the Nashville Ballet.

Dancers who are interested in auditioning for this program should send a resume, DVD, and the $35 fee to: Sharyn Mahoney, Director of Artistic Operations, 3630 Redmon Street, Nashville, TN 37209

For additional information, call 615-297-2966, ext. 18 or e-mail

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