She is a creative whirlwind, a force to be reckoned with, unafraid and unstoppable, changing directions and toying with the boundaries of abstraction. A swirling vortex of combustible energy packaged in a shimmer of magnetic pulchritude that’s channeled into artistic expression.

She is Rachel Kice, the eldest of three daughters, who spent her formative years in Wichita, Kansas. Her mother, a graphic artist by profession, encouraged and sometimes even paid her to make art on a daily basis. Take the time the family goldfish died. Kice was told by her mom that there was a bright side to every transition, and she proceeded to dip the lifeless aquatic creature into pots of paint and showed her girls how to make a print pattern on paper that was fashioned into curious May Day baskets. They were then delivered, filled with flowers and candy, to neighbors.

Well, Rachel’s not in Kansas anymore. And she has definitely made an impact in Music City.

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