King Charles Spaniels photographed by Peter Nash

Will Rogers once said, “If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.” So how does Peter Nash do it? Well, he treats all his subjects as celebrities. He says, “I approach a dog, in a sense, no different than if it was Dolly Parton.” He shoots in color, he exclaims enthusiastically, “because they are in fur coats!” Beautiful browns and creams and oranges and blacks shot in blocks of shapes transferred to canvas make for stunning portraits. What makes his work different is that he identifies himself as a portrait artist as opposed to a photographer and likes his portraits to look like art on canvas, by using light in the same way classic artists did. And all the while he is charming your dog into posing like a professional. The result is a very special photographic and classic dog portraiture. I had to see for myself how he weaves his magic spell over his canine subjects.

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