by Lizza Connor Bowen

photo by Anthony Scarlati
At a historic house in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, Nashville Arts Magazine recently had the chance to catch up with breakout folk duo The Civil Wars. With nineteenth-century wallpaper peeling from the walls and antique chandeliers casting shadows across the creaking wood floors, it was the perfect setting to ponder the spare, haunting sounds and conflicted, passionate lyrics from the Civil Wars’ debut Barton Hollow.


In the four weeks since the album’s release, sales are already topping 45,000 CDs. Top billing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a No. 1 slot on the iTunes Albums chart prove that despite a flatlining music industry, great artists are still making noise and connecting with audiences.

Before the pair set out for a flurry of sold-out shows across the country, band mates Joy Williams and John Paul White took time to talk with Nashville Arts Magazine about their songwriting process, the transition from major label to independent artist status, and why giving music away for free is earning big dividends for them.

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