Myles Bennett, photo by Samuel Zide

Conjure in your mind’s eye an artist whose work appears to be inspired by Rorschach-test prints, Francis Bacon, and Cubism. The art is produced on raw canvas that has been folded, unfolded, and sometimes pleated. Small sets of angel-hair-thin graphite ripples counterbalance and calm the frenzy of the other images.

Myles Bennett doesn’t refer to himself as a painter. Nor does he call himself an architect, although he has a degree in the field. He is neither a sculptor, tailor, printmaker, nor weaver—despite the fact that he is obsessed with “material.” Yet to a viewer of his work, Bennett is all of the above. While he would never deign to utter this for fear of sounding presumptuous, the most apt tag to describe this young man is “artist.”

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