We get a lot of phone calls each month from people asking where they can find the magazine. Some are disappointed, some angry, and some downright hostile. The truth is Nashville Arts Magazine flies out of the racks each month. If you can’t find it at one of the 205 locations in Davidson and Williamson counties (all listed on our website under Find A Copy), then please come by our offices where we’ll have a copy for you. Better still, subscribe, and you won’t ever be without your favorite art magazine. It’s only $45 for a year’s subscription. Call Meagan at 383-0278 and she will set you up with a smile and a subscription.

Our trusty graphics guru Jeff Stamper is moving to Colorado this month to pursue, well, we’re not quite sure, but knowing Jeff we’re sure he will pursue it with a vengeance. The graphics duties will now be handled by Lindsay Murray, a talented young designer who can wow you with a dose of Puccini at the drop of a hat. Lindsay is a classically trained opera singer who is equally comfortable in the digital world. As they say, only in Nashville. We welcome Lindsay and wish Jeff and his family all the best on their new adventures.

During their recent Evening Sale of Old Master and British Pictures in London, Sotheby’s set a record for any Venetian view painting at auction and a record for the artist at auction with this stunning piece by 18th century artist Francesco Guardi that sold for an overwhelming $42,865,105. It’s reassuring that, even in these turbulent economic times, record prices continue to be set for art treasures. Here it is for free!

Paul Polycarpou

Editor in Chief

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