Butler Steltemeier
When you meet Butler Steltemeier, you’ll be in medias res, but you’ll be glad you did. She’s charming. Quirky. Entertaining. Wears her heart on her sleeve. She’ll even let you call her “But.” A conversation with her makes you pause to wonder what life would have been like had she picked up a microphone instead of a paintbrush. Thank heaven she didn’t. A world without Steltemeier’s magical realism of watercolor art would be far less enchanting indeed.

First things first. Before you ever see her paintings on clayboard, you know from first impression that her subject matter can’t possibly be hay bales, French waiters, or pears. She’s just not that kind of girl. Steltemeier paints lifelike animal portraits on black backgrounds. Her fauna of choice is the sheep, which she renders with exacting clarity. Typically, her subjects are meticulously “blinged out” with earrings, clover chains, and/or birds perched on their heads. Or they might even be sporting a blueberry cake chapeau, worn with a jaunty tilt…

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