In 2007, Ana Carolina Monnaco became not only the youngest but also the first female to win the coveted ASAI Hugh Ferris Memorial Prize, the highest international honor given for architectural illustration. Her award-winning design proposal was called the Coral Helix, a 360º live coral reef viewing gallery off an island in Singapore, created in collaboration with Philippe Cousteau Jr., grandson of the famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

At the young age of 33, Monnaco has had an impressive career in architecture. A 2002 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Monnaco has been involved with over fifty projects in countries such as the U.S., Brazil, China, Singapore, Dubai, and the Caribbean. Now, after several years spent working with Morris Architects in Orlando, Florida, Monnaco, along with business partner Sarah Ryan, recently relaunched her own architectural design firm in Nashville.

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