The Tennessee State Museum displays two new shows of rare art starting July 1. African Art: The Collection of Jon Draud opens in tandem with Helen LaFrance: Folk Art Memories. See page 46 for our full story on the art of Helen LaFrance by expert Kathy Moses Shelton. Dr. Jon Draud shares with Tennessee selections from his prized collection of artifacts from Africa, after more than two decades of specialization. As a psychiatrist, Draud gravitates towards works associated with healing and life-cycle significance. The collection represents art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and features both central western and central eastern African art, although the majority of the works derive from the former. Visitors will enjoy a group of twenty Pende masks, Bembe sculptures and Teke figures from inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). Draud and his mentor, Mark Eglington, a dealer and fellow collector based in New York, will debut a book on the collection
in August.

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