On September 8, the walls of LeQuire Gallery will transport visitors to mystical landscapes through the work of painter Joshua Bronaugh. The artist, who hails from a handful of locations across the globe, comes to Nashville via Germany, Rome, Florence, and the Ukraine, to name a few. His work, inspired by his emotional connection to places and memories, celebrates color and abstraction through a visual language that is immediate and inspired. Bronaugh studied art in Italy before moving east for a teaching position at Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University in Ukraine. There, the artist acquired rare permission to visit the reactor site at Chernobyl. This experience, along with his childhood days spent at U.S military installations, impressed upon him the delicate nature of life. His intuitive brushstrokes and dreamlike forms capture the sublime, fleeting nature of existence in a lush array of colors. Elizabeth Cave, Gallery Director at LeQuire, says, “In a word, Joshua Bronaugh’s works resonate. I’ve had many clients inquire about new works from encounters years earlier. This new body of work is evocative, drawing imagery from myths and dreams while maintaining Bronaugh’s meticulous and unusual technique of painting what he sees—literally breaking down the image into glances (using as many as 42 layers). The result is a comprehensive yet distinctive image that feels both intimate and monumental.”

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