My wife and I have a pretty good art collection with emphasis on local artists, including Paul Harmon, Lee Hamblen, Paula Frizbe, Hank Hewgley, Pamela Padgett, and Gay Petach, but we have more works by Nashville native Tom Trebing than any other artist.

Trebing is best known locally as the president of Trebing Design, a boutique graphic design and advertising company. As the CEO of a technology company, I worked with him for over thirty years to build and promote my company’s image.
Much of Trebing’s art is rooted in European poster and mid-twentieth-century graphic design. His creativity isn’t limited to canvas, however. Tom designed and illustrated the first children’s music activity books with an attached keyboard. After I sold my business and started writing mystery adventures, Trebing designed the covers for all four of my novels.
Good art and wine have something in common. You can enjoy either as you take it in. But if you know the maker, the place it comes from, and its history, it becomes more. The Second Glance is like that, and it earns its title.  At first glance it is colorful and graphic; with another look, it acquires character and shape

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