Recently photographer Nancy Rhoda showed us this great black-and-white image, and it seemed appropriate to share it with you during this political season. Ronald Reagan was campaigning for the presidency in 1980, and the Tennessean was covering a $100-a-plate dinner. Access for photojournalists had begun to get much tighter, so Nancy and her fellow photographers were confined to a small wooden platform in the middle of the ballroom. Nancy describes how she captured this image: “The photographer at the lower right of the picture was with Reagan, so he was allowed to wander around the room. As he asked the head table to gather around Reagan for a picture, I saw Nancy Reagan pull out her compact and lipstick. That was the interesting picture to me, as the men smiled for the camera.” Surrounding Reagan are Senator Howard Baker to the left, Governor Lamar Alexander, and John Connally. John Connally was Governor of Texas and was in the car when President Kennedy was assassinated. He later jumped parties to join the Nixon administration.

Nancy Rhoda is represented by Zeitgeist Gallery.

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