The Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville, Feb. 8-10


Guest blog post by Laura Stockett Roberts, who is an occasional freelance writer, obsessive pinner and an Antiques and Garden Show committee member for the last five years.

 They say magazines and newspapers are going the way of the Betamax movie players and Walkmen of yesterday (if you are under 30, Google it. You’ll get a kick out of it)… which is to say, they are on the endangered species list, soon to be extinct. Such a thought might give the amateur decorator heart palpitations were it not for the incredible invention of Pinterest.  

In case you have missed this trend, along with purchasing music through itunes and discussing “status updates” on Facebook (which is so 2009… if you are over 40, Google what the kids have to say about Facebook), then let me fill you in. Pinterest is this wonderful site where you can “pin” your favorite images from the internet or from other pinners and can organize those images on various boards.

So we at the Antiques and Garden Show have been pinning. Of course we pin lots of traditional antiques and collectibles. If you haven’t visited the show in a while, we aren’t just purveyors of “brown furniture”. We have dealers that specialize in midcentury modern as well as the hip and funky.

And not everything is old if that’s not your thing. Over on the garden side we have a little bit of everything, from Turkish towels to amazing lamps.

Of course we always have the most amazing speakers and lecturers. This year, our line-up includes designer Bunny Williams, Eileen Johnson, who founded the prestigious FlowerSchool New York; and Gil Schafer, award-winning architect; and many others. Our Pinterest page features each and everyone so you get a taste of what you’ll discover at the lecture.

 I encourage you to check us out at We have tons of other pins that are inspiring or pretty or funny or whatever strikes our fancy. Visit our page and follow us. And then visit the show’s site and buy your tickets online at

                                         We’ll see you there!


Source: Acanthus Studios, a confirmed dealer at the show

Source: portfolio of Garden Variety Design, a confirmed dealer at the show art deco chairs from The Century Shop, a confirmed dealer at the show from the portfolio of Ryan Gainey, a garden designer at the show


What is your favorite Antique?


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