Fisk University’s Stieglitz Collection leaving for a two-year stint at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas

by Cass Teague

It would be wise to visit the Van Vechten Gallery at Fisk University now if you want to see these amazing works before they leave for Crystal Bridges.  After years of negotiations, both in and out of court, one of the most prestigious and comprehensive collections of European art in the area will be on the move this year. Victor Simmons, the Curator and Director of the Fisk galleries, recently spoke with Nashville Arts Magazine.

“It appears that the collection will leave Fisk later this spring,” says Simmons. “The entire Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 105 works, will be going to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. The date has not been set for the collection’s installation at Crystal Bridges. The museum hopes, however, to have the collection on view later this year, sometime in the fall of 2013. The Stieglitz Collection will be there for two years before it returns to Fisk in 2015, the year Fisk will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

“We’re excited about what this will mean for expanding the Fisk brand and reaching new audiences with the Stieglitz Collection. They are excited about bringing the works to their institution and solidifying their stature as a premier institution for viewing the best of American art.”

The space left vacant in the Van Vechten Gallery will allow Fisk to showcase some of the 4,000 works of art in the university’s permanent collection, which includes African art, African American art and masterworks, as well as newly acquired works. Simmons is currently working on a comprehensive installation of African American art from the late nineteenth century to the present for the upper and lower galleries, tentatively scheduled to open this fall. For more information on the collection at the Van Vechten Gallery, visit fisk or crystal bridges.

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